About Sustainable Overload

Sustainable Overload is here to offer up a perspective on the news and trends of today from gas bans to sustainability in and out of the kitchen along side a look into the life of your favorite chefs and industry leading designers. From engineers to architects and everyone in between.

One of us is a chef and leading sustainable kitchen technology expert and the other is a leading service industry veteran and food culture expert. Together we will be having in depth discussions with guests from all facets of the industry to bring you the latest in all things sustainability. Lets face it our world is changing faster than ever before isn’t it about time you had someone explain it to you. Find out what happens when innovation and expertise meets culture and tradition. Sustainable Overload is a product of Forward Dining Solutions LLC. and brought to you by RX Music.

Forward Dining Solutions LLC is a Culinary Consulting Firm dedicated to pushing sustainable kitchen designs forward. Most architects and engineers struggle with how to get Chefs onboard with the idea of an All-Electric Kitchen. Because of that projects stall and fail to get moving, With one of the only commercial electric kitchens experts in the country overseeing your design we get projects moving forward with our ability to bridge the design world and culinary arts. We will get your projects to the finish line.

Chef Christopher Amado Galarza

Renowned for his work in kitchen electrification Chef Chris Galarza is the Founder and Culinary Sustainability Consultant for Forward Dining Solutions LLC. As one of the country’s foremost expert in commercial electric-kitchens chef works with clients to sustainably create kitchens that provide thermal comfort, speed, power, and precision. Chef has worked on notable projects such as Chatham University’s Eden Hall Campus (the world’s first fully self-sustained university campus), Microsoft Redmond, and Castilleja All-Girls School.

Chef worked for several prestigious establishments such as Carnegie Melon University, Monterey Bay of Pittsburgh, and The Greenbrier of WV where he apprenticed under several Certified Master Chefs and culinary Olympians. Chef leverages his experience as a culinarian, educator, and consultant to get projects moving forward and leaves operators educated and prepared to successfully, efficiently, and safely run their kitchen for years to come. 

Joshua Weiblinger

Chef Juice aka Joshua Weiblinger is the co-host of the fun and educational podcast Sustainable Overload along with Chef Chris Galarza aiming to mark a niche in the culinary world and beyond marching towards a sustainable future.

Born in 1992 to a family living under major financial strife, Joshua made his way all by himself, beginning his culinary career after college to support his beloved music career, and soon it ended up being more than just a job. He eventually became a professional chef, working in the premium dining establishments in the Pittsburgh area, passionately cementing himself into the culture and the people and shaping his star forte ‘Classic American and Mesoamericana fusion’ dishes. 

Joshua has achieved grand success in the service industry working for 10 years with some of the most esteemed organizations including the Commonwealth kitchen and nonprofit organizations like Feed the hood, Pittsburgh.  Moving on with loads of experience and expertise, Joshua stepped away from the kitchen to educate people about the service industry. At the same time in 2018, to revive his passion for music Joshua founded the company Rx Music, wearing the hats of the CEO of the company and a musical artist under the stage name Xander Wayne with the intent of Healing the World with Sound. 

Presently, Joshua is the host, audio engineer, and media director of the podcast Sustainable Overload and is working towards taking his new venture to greater heights while speaking with industry leaders helping forge towards a more sustainable future.