This week we sat down with Brady Seals of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) as we discuss her career as a “Stover”, her experience on the Full Frontal with Samantha Bee show. We dive deep on the landmark Harvard Study and how it works hand in hand with the growing electrification and decarbonization movement.

Brady comes to RMI with a decade of renewable energy experience within the global household energy sector. Her interest in energy access began at a nonprofit promoting biofuels-based cookstoves. She has commercialized clean technologies and fuels by directing programs within the nonprofit and corporate sectors in more than 16 countries. Brady most recently worked as a consultant advising nonprofits, corporations, and multinationals on energy impact strategies and investments. Throughout her career, she has contributed to several research efforts to study, quantify, and communicate the climate and health benefits of air pollution-mitigating technologies and strategies.

Link to info on California Energy Commission study: Randomized Trial Study to Determine the Impact of Gas Stove Interventions on Children with Asthma

RMI map of Harvard study

RMI blog about Harvard study

Link to Harvard study

digging but Julia Child at least cooked with electric coils and electric ovens!

Julia Child cooked on electric stoves (maybe coil stove):

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