This week Chefs Chris and Juice speak with Pauline Souza of WRNS Studios. Pauline Souza is an architect with 37 years of experience in the industry, Partner, K-12 sector lead and the Director of Sustainability at WRNS Studio, a 180-person firm in four cities. Some notable projects include a straw bale visitor center for the USFS, The Microsoft Campus in Silicon Valley which just received a AIA COTE Top Ten Award, the first nationally certified Net Zero Library in the country – Stevens Library and Sonoma Academy Janet Durgin Guild and Commons –LEED Platinum, and the first project to be awarded BOTH Zero Carbon and Petal Certification by the International Living Future Institute. It is the first Zero Carbon Certification in California and includes an all-electric kitchen with induction equipment.Pauline has served as a Sustainability Advisor to the Hawaii Department of Education for 5 years from 2013 helping to drive sustainability through their 256 existing school campuses, has worked with the USGBC’s Center for Green Schools as a co-chair, is a founder of the Bay Area Sustainable Leaders in Architecture group, and worked with International Living Future Institute Water Congress,She is currently working with the William Worthen Foundation on Decarbonization tools and playbooks and is on the Nourishment Advisory Group of the International Well Building Institute . An active advocate, she recognizes the importance of, and is grateful for, the collaboration with these groups towards positive change. Pauline is a LEED Fellow, AIA Fellow, LFA, WELL AP and was recognized as an LBC Hero in 2014

Notable Projects WRNS has worked on:

Sonoma Academy Janet Durgins Guild and Commons




Microsoft Silicon Valley



Sacred Heart Stevens Net-Zero Library




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